Free 3D model - Chair with soft arms and curved back

Fbx --> Chair with soft arms and curved back

Classic chair of a dark wood with two armrests. The free 3d model of this armchair has a four main elements. They are the decorative legs, the soft seat, the curved chairback and the nice arms. The carved legs of the armchair made in a form of straight cylindrical balusters, decorated with a leaf gold. The legs carving has a regular repeating design. The base of the chair is the soft seat, upholstered with a white back and golden threads sewed silk image. The pattern of an upholstering material image of a soft seat chair part corresponds the golden classic flowers pattern on a white silk background. The white fabric silk has a little nacre tint and beautifully play on the light. The second main part of this free armchair 3d model is a high slip back with the soft inset. The soft back is made of the same fabric as the soft part of the seat. The feature of this back is its shape. It is almost straight at the base, but bends closer to the top, as if it wants to twist back to a form of roll and it is visually captured the beginning of this process. This rolled element is covered with the gold on the both sides. Such a design way even more accentuates the twisting effect. Additionally, at the very top of this armchair free 3d model the back itself becomes wider relatively to the it's base, making the own form looking like the triangle. The center of the upper back part is decorated with the golden bow inset. The whole back 3d model is closed and only the lower close to base part has a little rectangular opening between the soft seat part and beginning of the closed back part. The decorative triangular ticks are carved around the perimeter of the wooden frame. The main difference of this free chair 3d model from the simple chair is the presence of the curved figured arm rests, which makes this chair an armchair. The base of these arms is attached to a wooden chair frame of the soft part of the seat element and the arms look like a rectangular parallel bars, in which the golden flowers with the eight oval petals coming out from the round middle inside carved in. Further, out these bases the bent vertical parts of the arms are coming out. They are decorated with carved triangle ticks, which are the same to those are on the back's sides of this free armchair 3d model. The actual soft armrests are placed to this element. The parts of the arms, which are attached to the horizontal elements, are decorated with the twisted gilded details that also remind the beginning of the rolling process, like it is on the chair back's top. The other sides of the arms, for better steadiness, connected to the back with their half-circled bends. This 3d model has the regular topology and rationally optimized mesh. Although, geometrically made ticks around the perimeter of the wooden elements, which give the model the realism, increase the polygon count of the whole model in many times. One should carefully use the high-poly objects, especially if there is a need to decorate big dining hall with many copies of this armchair 3d model. Sometimes, the Display as Box function activation may be rational, and when the scene have more than twenty copies of this 3d model they may be converted to Proxies, not only for speeding up the viewport work, but for a saving the RAM space at the time of the rendering process. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

Free 3D model - Chair with soft arms and curved back
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Free 3D model - Simas Frozen rectangular wall-hang toilet sink with chrome flush button

Bathroom-stuff --> Rectangular wall-hang toilet sink with chrome flush button

Original modern box shape WC pan. The toilet sink bowl and body made in sanitary faience. The free toilet sink 3d model does not have the support leg, but it's hanged in a special way using the brackets on the bathroom or toilet wall. All sanitary communications are covered inside the rectangular shape of the toilet sink 3d model construction. Only the main flush pipe, connected to the sewage, slightly sticks out at the bottom of the sink's body. However, with the normal positioning, anyone coming into the bathroom simply can't see the pipe. The shape and supporting method of this toilet sink are so non-standard that it seems that the bowl is hanging in the air. Such design makes special visual lightness to this free 3d model. The four outer sides made of white ceramic body and decorated with the black flower patterns. This feature makes this 3d model universal, allowing to use it both in the modern and in the classic bathroom designs. The upper toilet sink surface has the black plastic seat of a rectangular shape, for heat insulation and comfort of use. The culmination of the toilet bowl's construction is the slip rectangular metallic cover that fully covers the top part of the toilet sink, including the seat also. In some ways, this toilet sink 3d model looks like a urinal bowl, covered wit a lid, except it has a box shape and hung considerably lower than the urinal bowls hanged usually. Water drains out jets of water under relatively high pressure. The water tank is of the hidden type, and of course is built-it the wall, what visually greatly frees the occupied bathroom space. But, for the real set this like construction toilet sink, usually the false-wall may be raised, for hiding the water container, communications and the sewage pipe, if the existing walls design do not allow to hide all mentioned equipment. The WC pan free 3d model includes the big square chromed button that activates the flush built-in system. This button also is wall built-in. Such a combination of a wall-hang toilet sink 3d model and the big chrome flush button 3d model looks very elegant. Usually, bathrooms are decorated with the wall ceramic tiles and, for the button 3d model to look suitable, it is enough to remove the few tiles. In the special cases, a little wall 3d model editing may be needed. It is the making the hollow in the wall for the free flush chrome button 3d model placing. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

<br />Free 3D model - Rectangular wall-hang toilet sink with chrome flush button
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Free 3D model - Wooden wall TV cabinet

Fbx --> Wooden wall TV cabinet

Classic all-purpose wall cabinet of a dark walnut with a TV zone. All the facades of the free wall cabinet 3d model have the same workmanship in a form of four rounded wooden bars, which border the whole rectangular cap made of the natural walnut. The each door and the each drawer are closed by the bronze key-like handle. This is not only the decorative design method, but also are the functional keys that can be removed from the keyholes to remove the access to the particular cabinet section. Totally, the cabinet wall 3d model has five main sections. The first section is closed by the two big blind doors to the all cabinet height. It's the first wardrobe wall zone, designed for storing the clothing and bedroom linen. The second section is the book shelves combined with two multi-purpose cupboards. The lower one includes three horizontal drawers. They can serve as for the storage for the jewelry, writing materials as well as be the shelves for the underclothing. The upper cupboard of the second section is closed with the two rectangular facade doors. Usually, this cupboard is used for keeping tableware, such as dishes, tea sets, spoons, forks, crystal goblets, and others. There are bookshelves in the middle of the cabinet wall 3d model. They can place the books, the interior decorative items, statuettes, figurines, jewelry boxes, table clocks, and candlesticks. The third section includes top and bottom cupboards with three doors and opened TV area. The both cupboards 3d models are identical. The lower one serves as the TV and video equipment support, like AV-receivers, DVD players, and may be a zone for keeping home video and audio collection. The top cupboard is out of rich of children and can be a mini-bar for storing alcohol drinks. The fourth and fifth zones are symmetrical and similar to the first and the second accordingly. The wall cabinet is set over a single plinth. The overall construction is topped with a long horizontal decorative raising that completes and gives this furniture module the integrity. This free 3d model is universal and any wall cabinets may be assembled from its done sections. Suffice to remove or add the needed zones using Slice or Symmetry modifiers. This also can be simply done with the base skills of using Editable Poly tools. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

Free 3D model - Wooden wall TV cabinet
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Free 3D model - Luxurious classic bed with decorative pillows

Furniture --> Luxurious classic bed with decorative pillows

Luxury classic carved wood bed of a royal beauty. The head of the free 3d model's bed made in a classic style in a best traditions of the fourteenth century Italian masters. The carved frame of the head of the bed is decorated with the woodwork designs. At the head of the bed's top the golden seashell stands conspicuously. The actual frame is wooden, but covered with the tinsel gold, which gives the head's 3d material a specific shine and splendor. The soft bed part is upholstered with a strong white fabric and tightened with a ten furry polyhedral spherical rivets. The bed stands on the four carved legs, but they almost fully covered with a satin folded skirt. The skirt's fabric is sewed with golden threads, which make the whole surface a golden netting. By the perimeter of the 3d model the skirt is gathered in the original decorative folds and this accentuates the fabric tenderness and softness. The dazzling shine of the golden skirt threads illumes warm and luxury, attracts the attention as to a jewel in a gem box. The top part of the bedspread sewed with a silk and showing through golden flowers pattern. The bedspread collar is a joining link of the skirt and the top part. The lower part of a collar is decorated with the elegant tassels. The bed 3d model includes the bed itself and the three decorative pillows also. The pillows 3d models exactly copy the bed's style, being the same white as a soft head of the bed's fabric and having the much the same in the form and material, but a little smaller in size, tassels. The free pillows 3d models are laid to a line, where the middle one has a small slope and covers with an own border the 3d model of a right pillow. The decorative tassels of a middle pillow are realistically aligned according the pillow's position. The right and left pillow 3d models are identical. Despite the high detail of an overall bed 3d model with a three pillows, it has a rationally optimized and high-poly mesh that is as much as possible lightened. Although, if one plans to use more that one copy of this 3d model in a single scene, it is most necessary the activated Display as Box option for speeding up the 3d application viewport working process. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

Free 3D model - Luxurious classic bed with decorative pillows
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Free 3D model - Dark brown hardback dining chair

Chairs --> Dark brown hardback dining chair

Austere wooden chair for the kitchen furniture group, made in a modern style. The wooden framing of the chair is painted with the dark brown wood paint, which darkens and, in the same time, gives contrast to the wood texture. The back is hard, what is very specific for the dining chairs and easy chairs. This feature keeps posture and carries the body in the straight state, not letting to over relax, what positively affects the meal process. The actual back made of solid light brown wooden plank. This gives a spice and contrast to the overall dark chair's design. The dark brown frame and the light brown inset are covered with the shiny protective lacquer. The soft part of the chair is on the seat. It is upholstered with a dark hard fabric with the rough thread structure. This completes and accentuates the austere chair design very wisely. The most acceptable way of using this chair is the decoration of the furniture suits in the dining and kitchen areas of the living and public interiors. Despite the straight modern forms and lines of this chair, it greatly fits the moderate classic style interiors. The 3d model has a textures set, professionally tuned materials and is fully ready for the rendering. The wood material of the 3d model's back collected, using the composite VRayBlendMtl shader for the matt wood covered with lacquer imitation. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

Free 3D model - Dark brown hardback dining chair
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Free 3D Tutorial - Making shaded wireframe rendering

Tutorials --> Making shaded wireframe rendering

Many of the 3d-artists at least once faced the need or desire to make the wireframe rendering. And they asked questions like: How to render wireframe in V-Ray or Mental Ray? How to perform the isoline render? How to make a shaded mesh rendering? How make a post production to a wireframe rendering? These are the questions this tutorial will answer and will show the easy and usable ways of creating model's mesh renderings.

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Free 3D model - Transparent flower patterned tulle curtains

Decoration --> Transparent flower patterned tulle curtains

The half-transparent curtain lace of a bluish polyester organza. The curtains pattern is the decorative petals like-designs. It gives a curtain refinement, lightness and forms a beautiful shadow in a shiny sunny day. Besides, the blue organza color will filter the hot summer yellow sunrays and will make a coolness feeling in the interior. The tulle has a specific soft shine. Such a curtain is a good decoration for the window opening and it adds completeness to an any textile composition; from a rich austere curtain with lambrequin and fanciful brushes and bows to a simple straight night curtains. The curtain should be suspended by a sewed to its upper part hooks to a nickel curtain wire of a suspending system with injection dowels, which hold a great stretch load. The lace curtain usually in hanged behind the night curtains, but the modern window decorating tendencies allow to place the lace curtain over the main curtains. The curtain 3d model has the tiled texture maps and, even more, the model itself made as a well-matching mesh pattern with a perfect horizontal tiling. This lets to collect the curtains 3d models of the any length easily. To do this, you need to convert a model to the Editable Poly and use the Array from the standard 3ds Max tools. Using it, you need to clone the model for a needed number of times with a 1930 mm step. Do not forget to set the Copy for the Type of object. Then, select one of the arrayed models and attach all other clones using the Attach button in the Editable Poly instruments. The last thing to do is to select all vertices and Weld them with a minimum threshold. Curtains 3d model is one-sided and this appreciably lightens the mesh. The main 3d model material is half-transparent with the specific organza reflections. It's in the Front Material slot of the pseudo translucency VRay2SidedMtl shader. This allows to get the strong window lighting on the backface of the one-sided model. To increase or decrease this effect, you need to tune the Translucency color in the VRay2SidedMtl material. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

Free 3D model - Transparent flower patterned tulle curtains
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Free 3D model - Wooden carved wall mirror

Bathroom-stuff --> Wooden carved wall mirror

The wall carved wood mirror for bathroom or hallway. The decoration of the mirror made as a frame of a wooden leafs. Around the perimeter of the framing there is a decorative bar that adds the completeness to a construction. The frame made of four main wooden parts that are carved from solid oak wood. Despite the apparent symmetry, the each leaf has their own look. All four frame parts glued together with the hard epoxy. The wood has specific dissimilar worn that imitates oldness. This gives to this mirror the particular singularity. The frame is covered with the moisture-resistant lacquer. The thick quartz glass itself is placed in the center of the framing. The side borders of the mirror glass plane have a sharp cutting that accentuate its massiveness. The oblique edges are mat and this clearly outline the perimeter of the reflecting surface of the mirror. On the back side, the mirror is coated by the reflecting silver composition with a protective copper layer behind it. Such mirror not only is a decoration for the bathroom, but also is a nice functional toilet furniture. For better lighting the wall white lights should be placed near the mirror. The 3d model of the mirror has a symmetric conjugating pattern. This allows to change the size of the model to any desired. For change the size and the proportions of the mirror you shouldn't use the usual scaling. This can change the scaling of the patterns and will corrupt the mapping of the model. To change sizes, you need to use 3ds max integrated Symmetry modifier and check the correctness of the welding on the symmetry plane. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

Free 3D model - Wooden carved wall mirror
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Free 3D model - Black floor lamp with golden stand

Classic --> Black floor lamp with golden stand

The floor lamp with a black lampshade. The lamp stands on a massive gilded rounded form base. The top of the base has an spherical decorative element, the continuing of which is a high thin cylindrical stand. There are beautiful bucket of a forged golden petals on the upper part of the stand. The each petal is decorated with a crystal pendants. The one of the elements made of transparent white cut glass. The other element of an each petal made in a form of a big black glass drop. The both elements have a ascetic cutting like the Swarovski crystals. This like faceting gives them a special shine and beauty. The top of the lamp equipped with a lampshade covered with a black mat fabric. The inside part of the shade trimmed with a orange lining in a tone of the golden stand and petals. In spite of the austereness of the form of this floor lamp, it nicely fills to the modern style interior and is usable mobile alternative to an attached to a night table bedside lamp. This floor lamp has a long electricity cable and lets to enjoy the reading of the favorite book while being in any interior zone. For good and realistic rendering, the 3d model of the floor lamp should be merged with a spherical warm light source with an orange to yellow color. The 3d model of the lampshade designedly do not have a 3d model of the lamp itself what simplifies the light setup eliminating the need of excluding some elements from the scene illumination. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

Free 3D model - Black floor lamp with golden stand<br />
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