Best VRay settings - Anti aliasing and Color mapping

This tutorial tells about the settings of the V-Ray tab of the Render Scene: (F10) window and answers the following questions:
What are the best universal settings for V-Ray interior rendering?
How to setup Vray for good exterior renderings?
What is the optimal settings combination for quality V-Ray product visualization?
How to make the basic start AA settings setup for Vray render?
In this tutorial, we will look into the one of the fundamental and, probably, the most controversial and frequently raised subjects in the 3d rendering. It is the rendering engine setup. We will setup the V-Ray renderer for 3ds Max.
Among the many of 3d artists, especially the beginners, the two contrast myths about universal V-Ray setups exist.
One believes there are some simple setups, which are carefully hided from them by professionals by keeping the tuning secrets in a strict confidence. Only the chosen people know the secret checkboxes and values that allow creating realistic 3d renderings, which hit the awards and admiration of the all observers. That there supposedly are some settings, just like the "magic wand", which by checking some ticks in covert places lets to have the amazing results despite the actual quality of the 3d models, correct lighting setup or beauty and realism of the present scene composition.

Best V-Ray settings - Antialiasing and Color mapping
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