Premium 3D model - Souvenir Feng Shui table gong in a circular frame

The current gong 3d model consist of three main parts. They are:

  • Brass gong disk with pendants

  • Circular metallic frame stand

  • Wooden mallet with fabric cap

The actual gong is a forged brass disk. The disk 3d model is created with the quad-topology and has a professionally tuned material, made with special accuracy. It includes all basic diffuse, reflect and bump maps, as well as map of anisotropy rotation, and a worn mask. All textures have a great resolution of 3300 by 3300 pixels, what lets to use the 3d model in the close-ups and even as the main object of 3d scene, without worrying for the quality of the 3d visualization.

Gong disk hangs on two fabric stretches, which are attached to a metal ring stand.

Frame stand is made of thick metal rod, bent into a circle. Additionally, the two curved legs of the similar rod are attached to the main ring and they keep all the construction stable. Metal legs are attached to the ring by welding, and the 3d model has an imitation of the welds in the contact points between these parts, what gives it a special realism and detail. In addition, all four ends of the legs have rubber caps that give the structure stability and protect against wearing the surface, which will be a real gong on. Stand’s metal is covered with a black, slightly shiny paint. The legs of the stand carry the little tabs that are intended to keep the mallet always near the gong.

Mallet is a wooden stick, covered with a transparent protective varnish, on one end of which is a soft fabric ball, and the lace on the other.  It prevents loss of a mallet from a hand. It is this mallet hit the gong, causing last to produce a sound. Material of a fabric soft ball has a specific structure, applied to the diffuse slot. To give a more realistic and relief, the same texture is in the bump-slot of its material. However, the most realistic result can be achieved by applying the same texture not only as a bump, but use it as a map of displacement.

This tabletop gong can be used as a 3d clipart for post-production of animation and advertising, and will be a wonderful and unusual decor item, adding an unique oriental flavor to interior design.

The look of this gong 3d model in the interior and studio environments, as well as photo-realistic animation, you can see and even hear on the above preview images.

The 3d model itself is a copy of the actually existing Chinese gift wind gong.

This gong 3d model is presented in five formats for maximum compatibility with various computer graphics packages, flexibility and ease of use:

  • 3ds Max 5.0 and higher: [ 3ds Max 5.0 / Standard ] + [ V-Ray MAT ] + [ All Textures ]

  • 3ds Max 2008 with V-Ray: [ 3ds Max 2008 / V-Ray ] + [ All Textures ]

  • Universal Autodesk [ FBX  / Standard ] + [ All Textures ]

  • Universally accepted [ OBJ / MTL ] + [ All Textures ]

  • Universally accepted [ 3DS / Basic ] + [ All Textures ]

Free 3D model - Souvenir Feng Shui table gong in a circular frame
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