Creating virtual 360 Panorama using 3ds Max & V-Ray

Creating virtual 360 Panorama
Everybody knows how important the visualization and its role is in presentation of the design to the end user with nice photorealistic images. How is easy the understanding between the client and the designer when there are no need in explaining and thinking over drawings, plans, sketches, elevations and other raw technical information... But what if just the series of static images is not enough? What if the client wants a greater sense of presence and volume than the 2d bitmap images, while doing the animation is impractical because of the significant time and computational costs? The answer to this rhetorical and quite topical question is the pseudo three-dimensional representation of 2d images using 3d interactive panoramas technology. Such a presentation will let us see a three-dimensional picture of the visualization using the virtual camera, turn it and watch for any point around the full 360 degrees, as well as zoom in and out.


Orthographic projection in 3ds Max and V-Ray

Probably, anyone who deals with visualization, especially of architecture, have faced the need of creating an image without perspective distortion. In particular, it is the rendering of the orthogonal projection of the facade of a building or a straight interior elevations.
In most cases, the most common question on this theme is: "How to render a facade without the perspective using VRayPhysicalCamera?" The answer is quite simple - in no way with completely no perspective with VRayPhysicalCamera :)

It is easy to guess that to get rid of perspective, you simply need to increase the focal length, simulating the telephoto lens and reducing the perspective distortions to a minimum.

In any case, it will be only the relative visual similarity with the orthogonal projection, while in fact not being it.


Switching from VRayPhysicalCamera to standard

Standard 3ds max camera vs VRayPhysicalCamera image

Typically in most scenes created by using V-Ray renderer, many visualizers use specialized camera called VRayPhysicalCamera. It has many settings that simulate similar real camera settings and therefore it is easy to use in it's own way.

However, it is not always possible and convenient to use the camera of this type in practice. For example in the case when it is necessary to perform an orthogonal visualization from the camera, or to create interactive virtual panorama or use any special plug-in/script. In these cases, more preferable and sometimes the only possible is an use of standard 3ds Max camera.

It is important to know how you can go to a standard camera therefore, even if the scene was originally set up to work with V-Ray Camera. This wouldn't take much efforts...


Free 3D model - Antique brown Chesterfield sofa HQ

Furniture --> Antique brown Chesterfield sofa HQ

Magnificent leather luxury sofa truly become a compulsory subject in the rich interior. It does not go out of fashion for more than a century and made his name a household word. Any interior designer, decorator, or a home stager have heard a charismatic name of Chesterfield and would recognize it without a moment's hesitation. Even the most simple interior will look like a solid and respectable if Chester will lead the overall composition. It is indispensable at office or library design. The 3d model of this sofa was made for the elite classical interior. It has an unprecedented level of performance and detail. Perfect geometry, high-quality diffuse and bump texture, as well as professionally adjusted materials make this 3d model unique. It favourably differs from all currently available models of the sofa online in the free and even in the paid segment. This model looks excellent not only at visualization, but also in viewport of a 3d program ;) Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

Free 3D model - Antique brown Chesterfield sofa HQ
Dowload Antique brown Chesterfield sofa HQ from RenderStuff