Best V-Ray settings - Indirect illumination

This tutorial is about theory and practice of the Global Illumination in 3ds max V-Ray. This tutorial answers the following questions. What is the indirect illumination? How do indirect lighting looks in nature? How does the global illumination differ from the secondary? What are the diffuse reflected rays? How the GI algorithm implemented in computer graphics? What are the primary bounces and how they differ from the secondary ones? How the hemispheric diffuse reflections look schematically? How to setup the GI in Vray on practice? How the global illumination affects the overall scene lighting? What is color bleeding and how to fight with it? What are the GI caustics? What are the correct values for the primaries and secondaries? Global illumination is one of the modern rendering engine algorithms, which adds to the final image an additional render element. For ease of understanding of the rendering engine, the simplest way to imagine forming of final image as...

Free cg tutorial - Best V-Ray settings - Indirect illumination
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