Best V-Ray Settings - Irradiance Map

We continue to setting up the global illumination in V-Ray. In this tutorial, we will look into the principles, parameters and arguments for and against the calculation algorithms of secondary GI bounces Brute Force and Irradiance Map. This tutorial answers the following questions. How does Brute force GI engine work? Where is the Quasi-Monte Carlo GI engine gone? How does the Irradiance Map algorithm work? How does the three-dimensional irradiance map look like? How IM detects the details of the scene? What is IM prepass? Why we should not set the same values of Min and Max rate? How does Detail enhancement option in the Irradiance Map work? What Multipass does? What value of interpolation gives smooth, but detailed Irradiance Map? Why there may be bright light spots on the rendering and how to get rid of them?

Free cg tutorial - Best V-Ray Settings - Irradiance Map
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