3d model of Chesterfield armchair


Yeeees, you know it :) Of course, this is the magnificent Chesterfield leather armchair 3d model. I’ve modeled it originally about a year ago for one of our 3d rendering commercial project to place into the number of classic and very rich home studies. By the way, here is the one...
of those interiors 3d renderings:

For my own opinion, it came out very good, just like the real one :)

Not sure about what model of Chesterfield this is, but folks on Internet told that this chester 3d model looks like the so-called Dorset Chesterfield. But anyway, I don’t think the exact namingis  very critical. After all, interior designers and we choose the furniture by its look, not its name. And the 3d renderings is not an exception.

This Chesterfield armchair 3d model I’ve adopted for use by anyone specially for sharing it as Render Stuff  shop / support item. The key features of this couch 3d model are:

  • Four color options -Antique OxBlood, Antique Blue, Antique Green and Antique Brown for the universal use in any color design
  • High-resolution 4096 x 4096 px Unwrap textures, four color diffuses and two for bump, which let you use it in ultra-closeups
  • Original LOWPOLY VERSION for lightening the scene and, what is more important, for studying the mesh topology
  • Five different 3d formats: original 3ds max 2008 with superior V-Ray materials, the most oldest 3ds Max 5.0 with universal Standard materials, FBX for using in different Autodesk applications, cross-platform OBJ with MTL mats and, finally, everywhere-accepted (even in Photoshop) 3DS

As you can see, even Photoshop took this Chesterfield armchair 3ds model as it was made for him :)

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