Chesterfield couch 3d model 2-seater

Hi guys!

This Chesterfield settee 3d model obviously has the same topology as the previously announced chester armchair 3d model. The one difference from that 3d model is that this is actually a couch 3d model, not armchair. What it means is that it has two seats and can be a sitting place for more than single person. The two by default. But, if you have a wish to place there not very large people you are free to do that. Especially concerning they will be 3-dimensional, they wouldn't be hurt :D

This chesterfield sofa 3d model has original low-polygon mesh, what makes it very useful in the very loaded scenes. As before, I present the four key colour options, each of them provided with the huge 4096 x 4096 px resolution UVW layout texture of corresponding color. The options are the usual antique brown, red oxBlood, green and blue.

The model comes in five different 3d file formats, what can ensure you will be able to have this nice 3d couch regardless the software you use and even its version. These five formats are 3ds max 2008 with V-Ray materials applied for using in latest 3ds Max version and for rendering using V-Ray renderer; 3ds max 5.0 format with Standard materials for using in old 3ds Max versions, that is 5.0 and all subsequent ones; generic FBX for using in modern Autodesk software like Maya, for example; universal OBJ  with correct mapping and material Ids, which let to import the 3d model as a single mesh in almost any soft; and finally the everywhere accepted 3DS, which has some limitations, but still containing all info as model, smoothing, mapping, textures and base materials on the right Ids.

Do not waste from hours to days of your time on creating such piece of 3d furniture. Or on adjusting the another one for correct look in your interior 3d visualization. We did it for you :)