CRT 3d model schematic with high res rendering free

Hello all 2d and 3d artists!

I hope you liked one of my previous posting about the Gamma correction well explained and the accompanying it images. Those are the 3d renderings of the 3d models I’ve made specially for this article. You know, I just could not leave it without the nice schematic pictures in the right angle :)

Yes, you may say they are not very realistic and lack the physical accuracy. But, anyway, their main purpose was to decorate usually very exact text. This lead to me to thought that it is a good idea to share the original 3d model with you. Who knows, maybe you’ll need to render some scheme one day. Also, this schematic Cathode ray tube 3d model can be very useful at some cartoon lab scene.

This CRT free 3d model I share with you in five different 3d formats to make sure everyone can use it. Every single part is the element of the single object and each part has own material applied. In 3ds Max it is implemented as Material IDs. Watch, there are 11 of them :) Three key colors for phosphor 3d cells, three self-illuminated materials for three schematic electron rays, transparent glass for body, metal for all metallic contacts, copper for focusing elements and, finally, two plastics for the back holding cap.

Download CRT 3d model for 3ds max 2008 V-Ray

Download CRT 3d model for 3ds max 2008 with standard materials

Download CRT 3d model in FBX

Download CRT 3d model in 3DS

Download CRT 3d model in OBJ with MTL file

2d designers and webmasters, here is the original high resolution 3d rendering of this CRT free 3d model for using in your collages and sites: