Get missing dimensions for 3d modeling - 3ds Max method

Hello again!

While writing my previous post about Dealing with insufficient dimensions on plans for 3d modeling to make correct interior 3d rendering, I've got completely the new idea of how to do this. You may want to read that post, because it has some theoretical info on 3ds max textures interpolation in viewport or how to make square image in Photoshop.

I've been using those raster-to-3d dimensions matching method for a long time, but only now have thought about why I'm doing that :)

If you ever tried to match the a bitmap to some reference 3d model with exact dimensions in 3ds Max, you know, that to do this, you got to scale and move, scale and move, scale and move and so on until you hit the right scale. That was too inaccurate and carelessly for me, so I've made the matching using Photoshop.

But now I thought, why would I reject 3ds Max scaling method just for improper scaling center? Why don't just make the scaling center in the center of matching dimension??

 Do not know, let's call it 3d experience :)

That is, we need to set the 3d Pivot Point of the reference image plane to the geometrical center of the dimension and scale the plane so many times as we want, without need of moving.

If you still didn't catch my idea or not sure of how to implement it, then read more.

So, because of described in prev post reasons, we got to have the square reference image. Like this:

Go to the 3ds Max, create a plane and give it any equal Length and Width. In my case, it's 3333 x 3333 mm. Check out this rationalization - all numbers are typed by using the only key "3" :)

Drag your reference image on the plane, so the plane shows it entirely.

On this stage we got to define the reference image dimension center. Let's do it, by creating the plane bordering the dimension from start to end. I've started to draw a plane from the top end of the 5760 dimension and dragged it to the bottom end. What do we have now? We have a plane, center of which IS the center of the raster dimension, and (what we needed) the center of our scaling.

NOTE: to make the any object in 3ds Max half-transparent and be able to see through it, press Alt+X while having this object selected.

To make the main reference image plane have the scaling center at the center of our new matching plane, we got to set its Pivot Point to the geometrical center of new plane.

Select the main plane, go to the Hierarchy panel  , there activate the Affect Pivot Only mode

In this mode you will change the main plane's Pivot Point, which also is the scaling center.

To set it to center of our plane, choose the Align tool from the 3ds Max Tools menu and click the new small dimension plane in viewport with the appeared cross cursor.

In the Align Selection window, choose all the axes in the Aligment Position area and choose Pivot Point for Current Object and Center for Target Object.

 After clicking OK, the main plane's Pivot Point is now at the center of small dimension plane. To turn exit the Affect Pivot Only mode, click again the Affect Pivot Only button in the Hierarchy panel.

What's next? Next for us is to have an object with the exact dimension, which we want to match the main reference image plane to. Let's use our small dimension plane and set it the desired exact size, which is inscribed on the plan image.

You see how big this dimension plane became.

Select the main reference plane and begin scaling it, until you see the raster dimension match the borders of our dimension plane.

On the screenshot below the dimension plane top and bottom exactly match the dimension on the plan.

We have now the exactly matching 2d raster plan in our 3d scene!

Just to check is everything right, I'm using Tape helper to measure our second present horizontal dimension.

As you can see - they match :)

Since we have such basis, we can model, outline and raise walls, set the furniture elements in right position and even scale separate 3d models inside the interior 3d scene without messing with the numbers - all sizes  on the obtained reference image plane are correct!