Light bulb free 3d model free standard with high res rendering

Hello colleagues!

This time I want to share something ubiquitous and available around the web. It is a standard E27 filament bulb 3d model free and high-resolution light bulb 3d rendering.

When modeling different lamps 3d models it is always a dilemma, whether to leave your lamp without actual light bulb 3d models replacing them by 3d light sources (not geometry), or to spend a time on making those. As for me, this is always a question that takes time not only to decide, but also for implementing the complete lamp variant. If you ever been in the light sources free 3d models section at RenderStuff, you know that there are lot of lamps with the done bulbs, which can be borrowed to your new lighting 3d model. However, it is needed to open the 3d model, cut off the needless lamp parts, reset the bulb’s pivot point, rotate in right position and only then merge to your scene. Pretty boring, isn’t it?

It is much easier to merge the complete and clean light bulb 3d model and continue your work under the whole lighting piece design. That is why I made this filament bulb 3d model :)

This is the original 3d model, saved in 3ds Max 2008 format with four V-Ray materials. They are glass, metal, filament and painted isolator, which separates the two main electrical contacts.

Download light bulb 3d model in 3ds Max 2008 format

It will be useful for 3ds Max 2008 and higher users. For those who using another software made by Autodesk, the next format will be very good.

 Download light bulb 3d model in FBX 2006 11 format

And, of course the universal 3DS and OBJ formats for everyone.

Download light bulb 3d model in 3DS format

Download light bulb 3d model in OBJ format
Are you 2d designer, who needs good free light bulb image? First, I have for you the high-resolution filament lamp 3d rendering with transparent background in popular PNG format.

Light filament bulb standard shape transparent background
Light filament bulb standard shape transparent background - CLICK TO OPEN ORIGINAL 4000 X 4000 PX VERSION

Second - Photoshop users, the last two formats (3DS and OBJ) were tested and they are imported there very well. You can make any clipart using this universal 3d model with the latest Photoshop 3d features!