Corner Chesterfield 3d model of sofa

This is the corner Chesterfield sofa 3d model. And this is not the 3d model you can Clone Stamp in Photoshop to have more seats :-) This is final and great piece of Chesterfield 3d furniture by my production. It greatly accompanies the three previous ones - the classic armchair 3d model, the Chester 2-seater setee 3d model, and the usual chesterfield sofa 3d model. I want to present the collection of the Chesterfield 3d models including this one, here and here. Feel free if you ever need to fill any rich office with many recesses or columns. These sofa 3d models will fit any space and will make them complete. Still, you may want to get this rounded corner Chesterfield sofa 3d model separately. Get it and look for the all included color options by the link above.