3d Model of Decorative Ring Buoy

This is the great detailed 3d model of the everywhere known watercraft attribute, the ring buoy 3d model. No matter where, when and in what case, if there is a water, then this floatage is somewhere near :)  It is made for throwing to the drowning people, so they can float on the water surface with the ring buoy together regardless of their ability to swim or calm themselves in emergency. The white styrofoam body greatly holds on the water surface, read pieces of fabric make this life saver noticeable, and the rope around, which is called rail, makes it possible to help the number of people use this rescue ring at the same time. This exact type of life saver 3d model is the best for decorating interior scenes, like rooms, cabins, restaurants styled in the nautical theme. The rail here is made using displacement with the special tileable relative height map. As you can see, the fabric bands on this ring buoy 3d model have the slight folds. They are made with geometry. The 3d model comes in four different formats and can be used in wide variety of 3d software, including latest Photoshop. See more HD previews of this decorative ring buoy 3d model, as well as the complete technical info and, of course, get it in your scene by the link above.