3d Model of an Old Rescue Ring

This 3d model is again the 3d model of the ring buoy. This time it is the old and worn lifebelt, which shows everybody that it is an useful and practical safety device. The 3d model of this life ring contains the actual ring, made of painted dense foam plastic with the four symmetrical reflectors. They have some worn spots, which give the whole composition used look. The ring on the back side holds the rail rope by the built-in bronze lugs. The actual rail made with the simple spline, but with a complex form and the displacement trick to have the characteristic twisted threads. Also, the rescue ring 3d model comes with the three flat bronze fastening hooks. It allows to use this 3d model without thinking of the way it can be held. Everything is complete and ready to render. Even if you think that these hooks will distract attention from the lifebelt in the scene, you can simply delete them, as they are made as a separate object. More previews, showing all the sides, 360-degree turnaround and the technical info can be found on the page of this old rescue ring 3d model by the given link.