Rusty Anchor Free 3d Model

The old and worn ship anchor free 3d model. It is quite big, about a meter tall. This free 3d model was made using subdivision modeling. This means if you feel you need more segments for showing it in ultra-ultra close-up, you can simply spin up the iterations in the subdivision parameters of this 3d model (or in corresponding function in your soft) to get infinetely smooth mesh. Check out clean non-overlapped unwrapped UV's on the complex arrows shape of this acnhor free 3d model as well as the coming along rusty metal texture map. This anchor free 3d model may be a great atmospheric attribute for decorating old pier and be the good wall decor if scaled down. Download of the anchor free 3d model in 3ds Max 2008, FBX, OBJ, and 3DS formats is available at RenderStuff by the given link.