Yellow Ship Bell 3d Model

Here is the 3d model of the ship bell, which is used for giving commands to ship's crew in different situations. Main part of this bell 3d model, the brass dome, was modeled with subdivision modeling and has unwrapped UV's. The inscriptionn made with the raster mask and can be replaced with any image you desire. For getting the exactly this-like font, just open the provided TIFF blend-mask in Abode Photoshop and write your text, it is editable. The red rope nadle is made using the displacement technology, so it helps to improve the productivity of work in the 3d software viewport, not eating all the fps on the simple-for-eye (but heavy for graphics card) threads. The L-shaped stand painted in white comes with this ship bell 3d model as a separate object. Enjoy render-ready, centered, pivoted and simply good ship bell 3d model in your scene!