Free 3D model - Wall-mounted light in a Greek style

Free 3d model of a stylish wall lamp. It is made in the form of half-cup, fastened to the wall. The lamp is ceramic. Its lower part is covered with gold, specially worn antique. At the top of the bowl the image is an old picture. Lamp itself does not have transparent parts, which let the scattered light pass. Light comes out of its upper part, illuminating the wall and part of the ceiling. Thus, the light draws a vivid pattern on the wall, like a flame, and through this, it illuminates the room with a soft diffused light, slightly stained in the shade of the wall covering. Working lamp visually almost completely copies of ancient Greek bowl with burning oil, while being modern and completely secure appliance. Electric cable, supplying power to the lamp fixed on the premade groove into the wall and sealed with wall coverings. This 3d model will be a wonderful decoration of a hall or corridor. This 3d model can be used for both practical and the purely decorative lighting of the interior. Keep in mind that in the case of practical illumination, light from the lamp is not direct, but reflected from the walls and is a global illumination. To simulate a bright glow inside the 3d model, you should establish a spherical light source with a slightly yellowish tone, for example VRayLight in Sphere mode. In renderer other than the V-Ray, of course, you should use a similar effect on light. Its brightness should be selected in accordance with the exposition setting of the scene, in which it is used. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

Free 3D model - Wall-mounted light in a Greek style
Download 3d model Wall-mounted light in a Greek style from RenderStuff

Free 3D model - Large golden frame wall mirror

Free 3d model of a high hallway mirror attached to the wall. Reflecting mirror surface is made of thick glass with a frosted facet. Matt facet gives a mirror a somewhat volume, slightly pushing it forward toward the viewer. The very surface framed by a ornate carvings. The actual frame frame is made of solid wood to light the overall construction, however, it is completely covered in gold paint. This creates the illusion of gold on the frame, and from there is no doubt that the frame is completely from metal. Thanks to this performance, this 3d model of the mirror is very similar to an old painting in a gold frame, but instead of oil paintings, is a reflection of the interior. 3d model of a mirror has large dimensions and can cover an area of the walls entirely from floor to ceiling, giving the opportunity to see the reflection looking in full growth. In addition, it visually changes the dimensions of the room, making a small entrance hall visually larger and more spacious. Free 3d model of wall boundary mirror, fully universal with a repeating three-dimensional pattern of gold frame. This allows creating a mirror on its base of almost any size and proportions. You may only use the symmetry modifier to reflect any portion of 3d models and choosing the correct center. You may also like the original 3d model of wall mirror for the bathroom, which is in a very similar style. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

Free 3D model - Large golden frame wall mirror
Download 3d model Large golden frame wall mirror from RenderStuff

Free 3D model - White console washbasin with golden frame

Beautiful classic sink for the bathroom. Made in the form of a small console table. The washbasin is ceramic itself. Besides the beauty and elegance of its basic form, it has extra stylishness because of built-in soap dishes. They are made in the form of corrugated sea shells. These shells fully made with geometry. Despite the complexity of their shape, mesh of 3d model of a console sink has the correct topology and perfect the optimized structure. Curved grid shells smoothly go into the plane of the sink’s body, without any drawbacks of smoothing. Actual ceramic wash basin has a special apron, adjacent to the wall, to prevent the ingress of moisture. Free 3d model is equipped with a sink plumbing accessories that come with the sink. This is a two valves and water tap. One hot valve and one cold, respectively. In the center between them is curved non-turning tap water. The deepening of the drainage basin is equipped with a special part of the metal cap-fuse, to prevent clogging of the siphon. Below the wash-basin is located the 3d model of fan pipe and siphon. Real washbasin looks like a console table. More precisely, it is built into the console metal framed stand that has two front legs and back fastened to the wall brackets. His legs are long, slender balusters, attached to the frame, the rim that encircles the basin below. At the bottom of both legs is a small ball, which comes into contact with the floor. Side of the rim are rung for drying towels. They are arranged symmetrically on the right and left sides. This allows drying several towels on them. Down below is a free 3d model basin, going from the wall to the legs. At the crossbar, a rectangular glass sheet is set. Thus creates a beautiful transparent shelf for toiletries. Totally, this 3d model has three materials. They are gold-plated steel, ceramics and transparent tempered glass. Note the non-MAX model versions are extra-optimized. This 3d model is copy of an existing real console washstand. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

Free 3D model - White console washbasin with golden frame
Download 3d model White console washbasin with golden frame from RenderStuff

Premium 3D model - Pirates Bank ceramic moneybox

Original 3d model of piggy bank for coins in the form of a sinister human skull. This is a polygonal 3d copy of hollow ceramic figurine with a vertical slot on top, just such format that it could let pass the coins of most popular sizes.

Despite its original purpose, to keep the change :) , these money store are very beautiful and eye-catching décor items. After all, they do not have a bottom spigot that allows extracting the stored coins. No one can raise a hand to break a real piggy bank with such an exquisite design, all the more for getting the some handful of coins. Its original form and material will necessary attract the attention. Wherever it is located in the interior, it is always in the focus of attention.

The 3d model is presented in three general colors. They are black, red and white. Each of the colorings in turn has two variants.

Black skull presented in two materials variants.

In the first case, the skull is painted matt black paint, and front part is covered with reflective metallic coating. Such a designers trick makes this 3d model is equally classic and tech, highlighting all the anatomical details of the skull and at the same time emphasizing it’s synthetic. looking at this 3d model, it is involuntarily reminded a moments from the cult movie masterpiece Terminator, saved in the minds of several generations the image of the brilliant cybernetic skull.

The second variant of the black coloring is a completely black skull, covered with a matt paint, visually reminiscent of automotive carbon.

Red skull, as well as black, also has two options of materials.

First is a shiny reflective face and the cheekbone. Matt red paint covers the rest of the 3d model.

The second is made of red glossy ceramics, glass-polished to a shine.

Last colors are the white.

Both versions of white colors repeat exactly the material of red, for the only difference is that their color is fully white.

In the scenes with the 3d models are all six samples of materials for all max format options. To select any of them, it is enough to open the scene and apply to the model the desired material. Nominally, the model has red matte-gloss material.

In popularity terms, a money box in the form of a skull, a second form after classical piggy bank.

This gothic decorative object has superb look in a classic interior with expensive furniture, as well as on the table in a modern office room. Depending on the color of the interior, you can choose the most successful version.

These skulls are favorite items for people with extravagant taste. Skull-bank is a perfect souvenir for a teenager with a gothic world-view, and it also will be an excellent comic gift for fan of heavy rock music.

Skull is a symbol of fearlessness before death, in most ancient cultures signifying vitality and strength of spirit.

3d model of this piggy bank has rationally optimized mesh with the correct topology, unwrapped mapping, professionally-tuned materials and it is fully prepared to render.

How skull looks like in a studio environment, on a photo-stock illustration, and in photorealistic interactive presentation, you can see on the previews above.

The mesh topology of model is clearly visible on the previews above.

3d model itself is a copy of the photo-realistic real-life gift-skull money store.

This 3d model is presented in five formats for maximum compatibility with various computer graphics packages, flexibility and ease of use:

  • 3ds Max 5.0 and higher: [ 3ds Max 5.0 / Standard ] + [ V-Ray MAT ]

  • 3ds Max 2008 with V-Ray: [ 3ds Max 2008 / V-Ray ]

  • Universal Autodesk [ FBX  / Standard ]

  • Universally accepted [ OBJ ] + [ Obj MTL ]

  • Universally accepted [ 3DS / Basic ]

3ds Max 5.0 and higher: [ 3ds Max 5.0 / Standard ] + [ V-Ray MAT ]: Archive with the 3d model file of 3ds Max 5.0 format and MAT-file with 3ds Max V-Ray materials. Ideal for users, who has 3ds Max of almost any version, that is 5.0 and above.

3ds Max 2008 with V-Ray: [ 3ds Max 2008 / V-Ray ]: Archive with the original 3d model file of 3ds Max 2008 format and the V-Ray material. It is a source format and it is designed for users of V-Ray on 3ds Max 2008 and above.

Universal Autodesk [ FBX / Standard ]: Archive with the 3d model file in Autodesk FBX universal format with the standard internal materials. It is handy for use in most Autodesk applications and in the few others.

Universally accepted [ OBJ ] + [ Obj MTL ]: archive with 3d model file in a generic Wavefront OBJ format and external obj material MTL file. This format allow the easy use of this 3d model as a three-dimensional clipart in various applications, especially in those that have limitations of the 3d technologies such as in the 2D raster editor Photoshop.

Universally accepted [3DS / Basic ]: archive with 3d model file in a generic 3d studio max 3DS format with the internal basic materials. This format allow the easy use of this 3d model as a three-dimensional clipart in various applications, especially in those that have limitations of the 3d technologies such as in the 2D raster editor Photoshop.

All the textures come in a separate archive, so before you import a model into your software, do not forget to place the all textures to the prepared for this folder. Often, such a folder is a root directory with the model file.

Premium 3D model - Pirates Bank ceramic moneybox
Get 3d model Pirates Bank ceramic moneybox at RenderStuff

Free 3D model - Aluminum TV panel with center speaker

Excellent free 3d model of flat TV panel for home theater. Reproducing panels canvas is a modern LCD screen with LED backlight and due to the possibility of zonal changes in its intensity, panel has very wide color contrast range. The front screen frame is made of light brushed aluminum with distinctive metal structure. Such framing gives the panel the power and grace. The panel has a modern system of tuning the image. Automatic Picture Control functions light sensor determines the lighting in the room and automatically adjusts screen brightness. In addition, the outer protective coating of the screen has antiglare properties. These complementary features allow viewer to enjoy superb images even in daylight. This 3d model of LCD flat-screen TV, has a perfect and stylish design, and the real TV reproduces images of just unsurpassed quality. The minimalist style of the panel allows it to perfectly fit into any decor, from classical to modern. It also provides an opportunity to immerse themselves in viewing the movie masterpiece, not distracting to the fanciful design elements of the TV, completely immersing into the essence of what is happening on the screen. The device has a resolution of Full High Definition at 1920x1080 pixels. This allows user to enjoy superior picture quality from any source, digital or analog. Whether it is satellite or cable TV, game consoles, DVD and Blu-ray players, digital video and photo cameras or video signal from a modern personal computer equipped with output HDMI. The flawless signal playback complements the outstanding sound quality from the central active stereo speaker. 3d model of the speaker is located beneath the panel itself, but it is completely independent and can be placed at any convenient place near the TV. It has its own EQ, and an active amplifier. The most successful is to use this speaker as the central driver for five-channel audio system. You can customize system with excellent 3d models of Elite High End acoustic with the right color material. The main advantage of this 3d model of a light aluminum TV is its super universal design. However, the specific highlight of the 3d model is the presence of two different materials for reproducing the actual television. They are the dark surface, simulating off state panel and bright self-luminous material simulating the work of the screen. To change the enabled state of the TV to off, you should just change the material ID of the actual panel at the sub-objects level of polygonal mesh. ID 5 is designed for the enabled state, and ID 6 is for the off state. Just this how the sub-materials of this free 3d models is placed. Panel itself and the center speaker designed for mounting to the wall. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

Free 3D model - Aluminum TV panel with center speaker
Download 3d model Aluminum TV panel with center speaker from RenderStuff