Dining table 3d model with carved legs

Free 3D model - Dining table with carved legs

Great dining table free 3d model. It is all wooden and covered with doulbe layers of lacquer. The leg carvings made as a single mesh. The 3d material of this free table 3d model is complex. If you are using Vray renderer, then you will have the great darkenings in the small hollow areas of the wooden pattern. If you are using any other rendering software, this can be done by using the so-called Ambient Occlusion. The great chair 3d model behind can be found at the section of the free 3d models. With them, this table 3d model will look classic and complete in your 3d rendering. The original format is the 3ds Max 2008 with the V-Ray 1.5SP1 materials. Other formats like 3DS, FBX and OBJ are also included and bear the polyginal and mapping information.

Download table 3d model from RenderStuff

Door free 3d model - Egyptian yellow varnished

The detailed door free 3d model of yellow color and with the brown inserts. Despite its modern look, the all decoration and patterns are made in Egyptian style. This door free 3d model took good number of modelling hours in due time - the patterns are quite complex to compose together. Part of them made as the different material IDs, and the other part is made as separate textures, all they fit together in this final door 3d model. The original door is called IRIDE from the Contemporanea collection by the architect Carmine Coppa from the Italian door manufacturer SJB. It is great for inserting in the interior 3d rendering door portal and looks good from both sides, thus it can be rendered well from inside of the room, as well as from outside of it.

Original format of this door free 3d model is as always 3ds Max 2008 with V-Ray materials, which mean it can be rendered right after merging it into scene in 3ds max of 2008 version and higher. For all those who work in other software, there are FBX, OBJ and 3DS versions, which keep the geometry and mapping, but need a little work to make it ideal for your particular 3d rendering software.

City billboard 3d model free

free 3d model billboard 3d rendering high res white background studio

Today I want to share the simple, but detailed city free billboard 3d model. Obviously, its a massive city advertisement element. Its actual advert plane is 240 inches wide and 120 inches height. These dimensions is surely kept on the actual 3d model, as well as the correct mapping, so you can place there instead of white material any raster image.

This big street signboard 3d model I've recently made for the one single high-resolution shot on white background. But you can freely use it in any exterior 3d rendering scene, which needs the usual these days city element.

Those who are interested in downloading this billboard free 3d model as well as high resolution billboard 3d rendering on transparent background, read more

Free 3D model - Golden classic sconce

Free 3D model - Golden classic sconce

chandelier free 3d model

This is the free 3d model of the classic wall-based fixture, the golden forged sconce 3d model. It is styled like an old antique lighting element. the lamps look like the real candles, what gives this sconce free 3d model the imitation of old, fire lighting, like it was in magnificent castles. This beautiful element is very good for using in interior 3d renderings. To keep the overall lighting style of your 3d rendering in one tone, you may want to use the one of my previous free 3d models, the chandelier free 3d model:

The sconce free 3d model comes in four different file formats. They are 3ds Max 2008, FBX, 3DS and OBJ. If you wish to have this model in your scene, just go by the following link and directly download the model in desired format from Renderstuff!