V-Ray memory management tutorial

No more boring technical expanation on the V-Ray raycasting acceleration data structure! Learn how to manage easily the multi-million polygon scenes without crashing V-Ray and 3ds Max. Get known with the principles of rendering time economy. Read about the purpose of strange misscellaneous options in V-Ray::System rollout. All this raycaster-related stuff and ways of solving the V-Ray's memory allocation failure issues wait for you on the RenderStuff pages by the link above.

Corner Chesterfield 3d model of sofa

This is the corner Chesterfield sofa 3d model. And this is not the 3d model you can Clone Stamp in Photoshop to have more seats :-) This is final and great piece of Chesterfield 3d furniture by my production. It greatly accompanies the three previous ones - the classic armchair 3d model, the Chester 2-seater setee 3d model, and the usual chesterfield sofa 3d model. I want to present the collection of the Chesterfield 3d models including this one, here and here. Feel free if you ever need to fill any rich office with many recesses or columns. These sofa 3d models will fit any space and will make them complete. Still, you may want to get this rounded corner Chesterfield sofa 3d model separately. Get it and look for the all included color options by the link above.

3d model Chesterfield lowpoly with tufting

The realistic Chesterfield sofa 3d model. Yes, you know it. It is the fourth similar 3d model from the Cherterfield sofas. This one's feature is the two new 3d materials colors - black and white. By the way, they also available at the previous pieces already. If you are from the lucky ones, who have bought the previous chesters, check out your store downloading page for the separate B&W 3d materials archive. As always, it was modeled in 3ds Max 2008 and rendered with V-Ray 1.5SP1. Additional formats are 3ds Max 5.0 with the basic scanline materials, 3DS, OBJ, and FBX. Each of the formats, including the original one, archive contains both options of models. I mean the low-polygon non-smmoothed one and fully-ready subdivided separately. More views, another additional info on Low-poly Chesterfield 3d model and bying links are by the given link.

Best V-Ray Settings – DMC Sampler

V-Ray rendering too slow? How to speed up V-Ray rendering? Setups for making test render in V-Ray? Vray DMC Sampler? What is Noise threshold in V-ray?

These are the questions you may have looked for. Check out RenderStuff's explanation on the V-Ray DMC Sampler setups subject. Learn how to easily control the rendering speed and quality using from one to four parameters. Get closer with Vray's adoptibility and its principle of sampling economy. Know the effects influenced by the global subdivs multiplier. And more other useful things related to the Settings tab in 3ds Max Render Scene window.

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