Halloween pumpkin detailed 3d model

The realistic 3d model of Jack O' Lantern, the usual decoration for the Halloween holiday.This 3d model with textures was made fully by reference photos, specially taken for this only purpose. The 3d model has unwrapped UV mapping with the both diffuse and bump textures of 4096 resolution. The base mesh is low-polygonal and consists with just 4,308 triangles, but can be made extra high-polygonal using the usual NURMS subdivision. Check out the this 3d model page for more previews and one of the 3d model stores to see the Jack O Lantern 3d model turntable.

Happy Halloween!

White couch 3d model free

This is the usual white sofa free 3d model for use in any interior scene. It's shape is quite usual and is special at the same time. Despite the banal three sitting places, it has one prolonged part, which can be ideal for lounging in front of the big television screen. If you are interested in getting the corresponding TV panel free 3d models, visit RenderStuff for the given link. The current sofa free 3d model is white and has a few brown cushions on it. They give the visual contrast and make this sofa different. All the scene parts seen on the preview above can be found on the different pages by the following link, where you can download white sofa 3d model for free.

Interior door 3d model for free

Hi to all architecture rendering artists! This time I want to share the free 3d model of a beautiful door with the golden decoration and the painted glass inserts.  The current doors 3d model is completely modeled from all the sides and is render-ready. You do not have to rotate this object to get the right door side. It is symmetrical and can be used without any altering. You can even open and close the doors with ease, thanking to the correct pivot points. The download of this doors free 3d model is available at RenderStuff, the free 3d stuff library.