Compact Four Ring Cooktop Premium 3D model

Premium 3D model - Compact Four Ring Cooktop

The 3d model of realistic steel cooktop with four gas burners. The surface is almost square in its dimensions. For controlling the flame intensity, the hob is equipped with four steel taps. The taps of this cooktop 3d model, as well as all other parts, are made as separate objects with correct rotation centers. You can rotate these handles in the desired positions to raise up you rendering’s realism. The steel from which the taps are made of, has a slightly brushed texture. To safely set the cookware on the cooking surface, this gas appliance has two cast-iron grates. Note that all the flames of gas in this hob 3d model are made using geometry and there is no need to use any non-3d effect to achieve realistic gas burning. Also, all the flames are separate objects so they can be easily hidden for turning one or another ring’s gas.

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